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So my new site is running well. I've got basic #MicroPub support working well. I can create posts reliably and I've almost got updating working. I've got bookmark posts from my site feeding into my home grown read-it-later service. Once my MicroPub endpoint fully supports updates, I'll be able to comment on an article from within the read-it-later service and it's post to my site. I've built all of this with #Elixir and it's been really awesome. I love that I can build separate applications, but they can still interact with each other easily because of #BEAM processes.

Elixir BEAM MicroPub

I proposed microformat support for <a href="/tags/Plume" class="hashtag" title="Plume tag">#Plume</a> and it was just merged in! The Plume team is amazing. I'll wait a little while and then propose support for <a href="/tags/webmentions" class="hashtag" title="webmentions tag">#webmentions</a> and <a href="/tags/MicroPub" class="hashtag" title="MicroPub tag">#MicroPub</a> . I don't want to overwhelm them with too many requests outside their scope.<br><br>As a bonus, because both Plume and <a href="/tags/Booth" class="hashtag" title="Booth tag">#Booth</a> are written in <a href="/tags/Rust" class="hashtag" title="Rust tag">#Rust</a> , both projects could benefit from any work.

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I tested the <a href="/tags/Together" class="hashtag" title="Together tag">#Together</a> app against my site and it didn't work. That's almost certainly an issue with my <a href="/tags/MicroPub" class="hashtag" title="MicroPub tag">#MicroPub</a> implementation. I only just finished basic support so it's still missing a lot. When I'm at a computer tomorrow, I'll inspect the payload it's sending and fix my site.

MicroPub Together