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New <a href="/tags/test" class="hashtag" title="test tag">#test</a> from <a href="/tags/Omnibear" class="hashtag" title="Omnibear tag">#Omnibear</a>. I like how it tries to build up the slug automatically. And being an extension in my browsers is very convenient. Hopefully, it works with my site.

test Omnibear

Sweet! That seemed to work. The new code is a lot cleaner, but still could use some work.

I rewrote my implementation of the post type discovery algorithm, so this is just a <a href="/tags/test" class="hashtag" title="test tag">#test</a> to see if it works.


I need to fix the timestamps on my posts. They're in twenty four hour format and four hours ahead of EST

I tested the <a href="/tags/Together" class="hashtag" title="Together tag">#Together</a> app against my site and it didn't work. That's almost certainly an issue with my <a href="/tags/MicroPub" class="hashtag" title="MicroPub tag">#MicroPub</a> implementation. I only just finished basic support so it's still missing a lot. When I'm at a computer tomorrow, I'll inspect the payload it's sending and fix my site.

Together MicroPub
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